Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Clear the Snow

Before taking off, be sure to completely clear snow and ice from your windows, lights, hood, and roof before taking off. By making sure you have optimum visibility, you can keep your eyes focused on the road.

Break Smart

Make sure to use your breaks carefully. It takes more time and distance to stop in slippery conditions. By braking early and correctly, you can avoid unnecessary accidents.

Know the Current Road Conditions

You can quickly find out the roads conditions through calling your 511 number. Most weather stations also have this information readily available so you can plan your driving trip accordingly.

Slow Down

Everything takes a bit longer when it’s snowing. Give yourself plenty of time to accelerate, stop, and turn by driving slowly.

Have Supplies Ready

Even the most prepared drivers may experience issues during the winter. Make sure you pack booster cables, blankets, snow shovel and scraper, flashlights and batteries, extra clothing, non-perishable food, sand for traction, flares, and paper towels so that you have plenty of supplies should things not go as planned.

We hope these safe winter driving tips help you keep safe during the cold months ahead.

Want to make sure your car is in tip top shape for the snowy season? Check out our locations and hours here.

Kurt’s Fall Special!


With winter just around the corner, its always good to get your vehicle tested and even a general tune up before the unexpected weather rolls in. From just $129.99, we’ll do a complete diagnostic check up, an oil change, tire rotation, coolant flush, battery test, and of course discuss with you any possible options to make sure you are perfectly safe for the season.

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40th anniversary – Win an oil change for your family!


In celebration of Kurt’s Service Centers’ 40 years in business, we want to give an entire family a free oil change just for sharing and liking this post with their friends and family. A winner will be randomly selected. The winner can bring their family of four into our shop for a free oil change on us, up to a $140 value! We are so appreciative of this great community and look forward to the future. Winner will be selected in just a few weeks!!!

The promotion is only good for up to 4 people of your choosing. The oil is capped at up to $36.99 per individual, no synthetics or special grade oil. We also assume vehicles brought in are in standard conditions to facilitate the oil change. No monetary value associated with this promotion.

Thank you, Ray. We’re going to miss you. Good luck!

With a heavy yet proud heart, we say goodbye to Ray Dyerson today as he will be officially retiring after an unforgettable 21 years of service at Kurt’s Auto & Truck Center. Ray will be the first to retire from Kurt’s Auto & Truck Center.

Ray’s experience in the automotive industry began many years ago when he worked in an auto shop to pay his way through college. Ray earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from St. Louis University and continued his education by becoming an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician.

Ray has been training the next Service Writer Anthony for the past 4 months.

We wish Ray and his family the best of luck. Ray will have more time to work on his Feiro collection and train sets. He also plans on building more memories with his wife, sons, and grandson.

Ray's Retirement Lucheon 3

The Kurts ride out to Katy Trail in Missouri

20140922_151849-1_resized Chuck Kurt met Dan Zimmerman and his Riding Support group in Arizona earlier this year and took up riding recumbent trikes. So Chuck trained for several months and met up with the group in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He also wanted to share this experience with his son Randy Kurt and his younger brother Wayne Kurt, so they were invited to come along as well.

After 5 days of riding, Randy and Wayne met up with Chuck and the rest of the group in Arrow Rock, Missouri. From there, the whole group rode to Katy Trail and continued for 5 more days on the Katy Trail. They finally ended their journey in St. Charles, Missouri. Dan and his supporting group will continue to Key West, Florida.

Chuck Kurt had 9 days of riding and rode 419 miles, a remarkable feat. Randy and Wayne Kurt rode for 5 days and did 210 miles of riding. It was a great experience for all and it will definitely be a lasting memory.

It was truly amazing to see Dan and his supporting group work and complete this journey together. Please visit their website and donate and/or encourage them to keeping pedaling to Margaritaville.

Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome! Our new site is finally live. Our goal was to switch to a design that not only looked a little more modern, but was much easier for our customers to use. We still have the same great features that were present on the old site: online appointment booking, and a directions page so that you can check our hours and find one of our locations quickly and easily. But there’s much more that’s new: a page to keep up with our social media activity, pages with more in-depth descriptions of our services, and this blog, where you can find our latest news as well as some helpful tips about taking care of your car.

So please, take a look around and explore some of the things we’ve added. If you have any questions, you can always send us a message through our contact page. Let us know what you think of the new site on Facebook or Twitter. At Kurt’s, we’re always striving to provide better service for our customers, and we hope this site is a step in the right direction.

Warm weather is on the way


At the heart of a vehicle’s cooling system is the water pump. Water pumps have bearings and seals that wear out and fail… leading to cooling system breakdown that can put your vehicle on the side of the road. Keeping your cooling system clean and flushing it every year is an excellent way to keep your vehicles’ cooling systems at it’s best. However, failure to install a water pump properly can lead to leaks and premature cooling system breakdowns. The following tips will help you avoid these problems if you are tackling this job yourself or know what to look for if you are having a professional do it for you and give you a comfortable driving experience.

  • When installing a new water pump, make sure the engine is clear of the old gasket material. A clean surface is essential for a tight, leak-free installation.
  • Always use recommended gasket material.
  • It is critical to use the recommended torque specification and sequence.
  • When installing a water pump on a rear wheel drive vehicle, be wary of belt and fan imbalance. Too much imbalance places an excessive load on the water pump, which can cause premature failure. Look for excessive vibration and belt alignment when the engine is running.
  • When refilling your cooling system, use only the coolant/antifreeze recommended by your vehicles manufacturer.