The Kurts ride out to Katy Trail in Missouri

20140922_151849-1_resized Chuck Kurt met Dan Zimmerman and his Riding Support group in Arizona earlier this year and took up riding recumbent trikes. So Chuck trained for several months and met up with the group in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He also wanted to share this experience with his son Randy Kurt and his younger brother Wayne Kurt, so they were invited to come along as well.

After 5 days of riding, Randy and Wayne met up with Chuck and the rest of the group in Arrow Rock, Missouri. From there, the whole group rode to Katy Trail and continued for 5 more days on the Katy Trail. They finally ended their journey in St. Charles, Missouri. Dan and his supporting group will continue to Key West, Florida.

Chuck Kurt had 9 days of riding and rode 419 miles, a remarkable feat. Randy and Wayne Kurt rode for 5 days and did 210 miles of riding. It was a great experience for all and it will definitely be a lasting memory.

It was truly amazing to see Dan and his supporting group work and complete this journey together. Please visit their website and donate and/or encourage them to keeping pedaling to Margaritaville.